15 prove effective Way How to treat toothache naturally

There is a saying that toothache hurts more than hurt. Toothache does make us runny or difficult. Toothache makes it difficult to eat. In the end we are starving. Moreover, toothache makes us feel uncomfortable, because the teeth are sore twitching. Want to eat hard, even drinking is difficult. Toothache does often make a person’s mood worse. In fact, sometimes those who experience toothache until they cry because they are not at home with the pain they experience.

Toothache is often caused by cavities. It could also be when the teeth want to date, which is common in children who are changing their milk teeth to adult teeth. Cavities can indeed be experienced by anyone, both children and adults to the elderly. Many factors can cause cavities.

Causes of cavities

How to brush the wrong teeth

We rarely realize that we brush our teeth in the wrong way. Maybe there are some who think, The important thing is to brush your teeth so the mouth doesn’t smell. This is certainly a wrong way of thinking. Because if you carelessly brush your teeth, then the remaining food in your teeth will not be completely eradicated. This will cause germs in food scraps to make your teeth hollow. Therefore, start applying the way to brush your teeth properly for at least 2 minutes.

Brush your teeth rarely

The cause of subsequent cavities is rarely brushing teeth. When you rarely and lazily brush your teeth, bacteria and germs from food scraps will multiply quickly and cause your teeth to perforate. Be diligent in brushing your teeth 2 times a day. After breakfast and before going to bed.

Incorrect brushing tool

Wearing toothbrushes and toothpaste that is not suitable can cause holes in your teeth. For example, your mouth is small but uses a large toothbrush. This certainly will make the toothbrush can’t reach all your teeth perfectly so that the leftovers left in the mouth are not eradicated properly.

Consuming too much sweet food

It feels like almost all foods contain sugar or sweet food flavorings. When you consume too much food and sweet drinks, bacteria are more comfortable nesting in your mouth. The bacteria that develop will convert substances into lactic acid which then begins to erode the teeth slowly.

Dental caries

The cause of the last cavities is dental caries. Dental caries is an infectious disease in teeth that damages the tooth structure. If it is not treated immediately, your teeth may be hollow or severely removed so the infection does not spread. Dental caries can be caused by tooth enamel that is not fully formed, the entry of streptococcus mutans and lactoballi bacteria into the mouth, and other factors

Experiencing toothache is indeed uncomfortable, especially if the tooth has holes and until it has to be pulled out. But before that happens, when there are signs of aching teeth, twitching, overcome immediately. How to treat toothache can go directly to the doctor or you try to treat toothache naturally.

Here’s how to treat toothache naturally.

How to treat toothache naturally


salt to cure tootache
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Salt can be used as a treatment for effective toothache. High sodium can eradicate the bacteria that cause cavities. Salt becomes a natural antiseptic smell of your oral health. Add 2 tablespoons of salt to a glass of warm water. Stir until dissolved. Use it as a mouthwash every time you finish your toothbrush so that bacteria can be washed clean.


citrus fruit food to cure tootache
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Acid in lemon acts as a natural alkali so that the pH level in the mouth is balanced. Besides lemon is also an effective antibacterial to eradicate cavities that cause cavities. Peras 1 fruit lemon, put in a glass of warm water. Use it to rinse 3 times a day so that bacteria are completely gone.


beverage citrus for tootache
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As with lemon, lime is also effective for eradicating bacteria in the mouth so that oral health is maintained. Squeeze 2 lime, mix with a glass of warm water then use it for gargling.


Acidic taste in starfruit is useful as an antibacterial which is of course effective in eradicating bacteria in your mouth. The trick is to finely pound 2 immature starfruit seeds. This starfruit collision then apply to the affected part of the tooth.

Guava leaves

Guava leaf also turns out to be useful as an antibacterial that is useful for maintaining oral health. Besides that, guava leaves are effective as a way to treat toothache because they have strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesia. All you need to do is chew the guava. Or boil guava leaves with a glass of water then use for gargling.

betel leaf

Betel leaf is a traditional recipe since the time of ancestors which has proven effective as a way to treat toothache. Have you ever seen your grandmother or grandfather chew on something until his mouth is red. What they chewed is betel leaf. Betel leaves are useful for strengthening teeth, stopping bleeding in the gums, eliminating bad breath, and also as a natural antiseptic. You can use it by chewing or boiling it and then use it for gargling

Red onion

Shallots contain natural antiseptic which effectively kills germs. The method is by mashing finely 1 onion cloves with a teaspoon of salt and then sticking to the affected tooth.


Garlic is similar to shallots as a natural antiseptic. The method is by mashing finely 1 clove of garlic with a teaspoon of salt and then sticking to the affected tooth.


Tamarind is also one of the next natural ingredients that can be used as a natural antiseptic. The trick is to roast tamarind seeds and paste on a sore tooth


Clove is also one of many natural ingredients that can treat toothache. The method is by finely ground the cloves then stick to the affected tooth.


Pepper is useful as a way to treat toothache because it contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. The trick is to mix pepper and salt, pour a little water into a paste, then apply it to the affected tooth


Lemongrass can be used as a way to treat natural toothache. Besides that it can also be used to prevent gum swelling. The trick is to boil 2 stalks of lemongrass with a glass of water. Then leave it until the water decreases. Then use to rinse


There is an antibacterial content that functions to suppress bacteria in the mouth. The trick is to grater 1 ginger. Then squeeze the water. Use ginger milk to gargle.


Distance sap contains high antiseptic, antibacterial and antibiotic. The trick is to shed sap on the affected tooth.

coconut water

Coconut water is also useful as a natural antiseptic. Gargle using natural coconut water after brushing your teeth.

May be useful.

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