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The Benefits of acupuncture ? Here is The Pros And Cons

Acupunture is one of many kind of alternative medicine. And its come from ancient healing technique from chinese. Many pro and contra about benefits of acupuncture , in this post we will discuss what is pro and cons about it.

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Clients usually complete a health history questionnaire before the initial appointment.

After the interview, he makes a diagnosis and starts treatment.

As a rule, the acupuncturist will use 6-12 needles
Clients usually complete a health history questionnaire before the initial appointment.

During the interview, the acupuncturist also conducts a thorough examination of the client’s/tangata whai ora’s face colour, voice, colour and language surface.

There are also three points of pulse in the wrist of each hand, which is felt by the doctor, determining the health of 12 meridians. After the interview, he makes a diagnosis and starts treatment. As a rule, the acupuncturist will use 6-12 needles during each session.

Benefits of acupuncture

The advantages of this method of treatment are that it can help to get rid of many chronic diseases, primarily those caused by the psycho-emotional state.

Here is 10 Benefits of acupunture :

  1. Suitable for almost any age (3 to 75 years).
  2. Minimal contraindications (can not be used for malignant tumors, exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute processes).
  3. safety, absence of side effects (subject to the technology and rules of antiseptic).
  4. Painlessness (with the introduction of needles feel warmth, a sense of scattering, tingling, as from a weak discharge of current, but not pain).
  5. Convenience (1-2 sessions a week is enough to achieve the effect).
  6. Rapid analgesic effect.
  7. Versatility (helps from a large number of health problems).
  8. Increases immunity.
  9. Rejuvenates and smoothes wrinkles.
  10. Improves the mood.

Acupuncture is used to treat the following conditions: angina, lower back pain, muscle tension, headaches (migraine), depression, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), infertility, obesity, runny nose, asthma, cramps, nicotine addiction, as well as to eliminate such conditions as irritability, anxiety, chronic fatigue.

Cons of acupuncture

The qualification of the physician is very important in the treatment of needles. If an acupuncturist does not have the right skills, treatment can become a “pumpkin method” in the truest sense of the word.

  •  Critics of acupuncture also point out that acupuncture fights the consequences of the disease, not its cause, and that it is not much different from medication.
  • Some experts point out that acupuncture is only a temporary treatment, but it is a rather expensive method of treatment.
  • But the main disadvantage is that acupuncture can become infected, as there is no guarantee that the needles will be sterilized by 100%.
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Several techniques can be used in acupuncture

  1. With the brake method, the needle causes a gradually increasing intense, mainly painless irritation. The needles are introduced with slow rotary movements, in some cases to considerable depths. This option has a soothing, analgesic and desensitizing effect. In pain syndrome, the needle is rotated first to the left, then to the right, and when the patient notes a decrease in pain, this is where the needle continues to rotate.
  2. With the excitatory method, the needle is injected with a rapid short movement. A slight painful sensation is noticed. You can not leave the needle, but only cause pain (fainting, shock, collapse) or leave it with subsequent punctuation or rotation for 1-5 minutes. This method has a toning, arousing and stimulating effect. Use needles made of gold and other metals. Their diameter and size are similar to those made of silver and steel.
  3. Electroacupuncture is more commonly used when a significant number of points are taken for exposure. The terminals from the electric apparatus are put on the needles introduced in the following points: Da-chang-shu, Pan-guan-shu or Guan-yuan-shu and Wei-chung. Negative polarity current produces a soothing, anti-sore effect. Positive polarity current has a tonic effect. In pain syndrome, negative polarity current is used to achieve a rapid anesthetic effect.

That’s curious.

  • Chinese acupuncture also has the concept of chronopuncture, i.e. all procedures are performed at the same time. One of the conditions for success is to provide rational psychotherapy.
  • When installing needles, the doctor not only sets them, but also makes special manipulations, for example, rotates them, tilts them, introduces them more deeply, then pulls them out a little.
  • This type of acupuncture has practically no side effects and contraindications.
  • Only up to 5 needles are installed in one session, and the treatment course can consist of both one and 10 procedures. The duration of one treatment can be 1 hour.
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