Morning nausea during pregnancy: causes and prevention

The term “morning sickness” is wrong, as pregnant women may experience nausea and vomiting at any time of the day. Although nausea cannot be cured, there are several ways that expectant mothers can use to relieve nausea. Remember that there are no universal ways and that what helps one person may not help the other is a trial and error process!

Eat in small portions, but often. If you suffer from morning sickness, food is sometimes the last thing you want. However, it is important that your body receives the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep you and your growing child healthy.

Try not to make your stomach empty – eat a little and often during the day.
You should also eat more slowly than you normally do to avoid over-eating, which can worsen your symptoms.

Drink a lot of fluid. It is extremely important to avoid dehydration, especially if you tear frequently. If you get dehydrated, nausea will increase. Try to drink a little liquid through the tube during the day. However, refrain from drinking 30 minutes before eating and 30 minutes after eating.

Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. If you vomit frequently, you can supplement the water with sports drinks containing glucose, salt or potassium to restore lost electrolytes.
In addition, you can try to drink cold, carbonated drinks, as many women tolerate them better. Other women find it easier to drink acidic drinks like lemonade.
However, avoid drinking too much. The fluid can give you a false sense of saturation and you will feel less hungry during the day.

Have a bite to eat with crackers. Many women claim that crackers are indispensable in the fight against morning sickness. They are easy to take with them on the road, they are inexpensive and easily assimilated by the body. Keep a pack of crackers close to the bed and eat a few before you get out of bed in the morning and then eat them during the day.

If you need to go to the bathroom at night, try also to eat some crackers. They will help you get rid of hunger and calm your stomach in the morning.
No matter what kind of crackers you choose: salty cookies, wheat slices or rice cakes. This is your personal choice. If you don’t like crackers at all, try dry flakes.
Do not spread fatty oil or spread on cookies. They are harder to digest and can make your condition worse. If possible, just eat crackers, without anything.

Stick to tasteless food. If you have morning sickness, try to eat tasteless food. It smells less and is easier to digest.

Try to avoid spicy, sour and fried food, as such food is likely to cause you stomach upset.
Eat bananas, rice, apple puree and toast. They have no taste, contain little fiber and are therefore easily digestible by the stomach. They are also inexpensive.[2]
You can add tea and yogurt to the above products.

Avoid products whose taste and smell make you nauseous. After a while you will notice that certain products and smells cause you nausea. Maybe it’s pizza, bacon or something else. Once you understand what makes you sick, try to avoid it.

To find out what makes you nauseous, try to keep a diary and write down every day when and what made you nauseous.

Identify what you are drawn to. Eat what you want, especially if it makes you feel better. If you are attracted to certain foods, perhaps your body is trying to tell you something. If you are attracted to milk, perhaps your body needs calcium. If you are attracted to peanut butter, you may need protein and more calories.

Eat high carbohydrate foods. Many women with toxicosis are drawn to products containing carbohydrates. Purchase carbohydrate-rich pasta, bread, pretzels and muesli bars.

Eat high-protein foods. Some women note that eating high-protein foods helps reduce nausea. It can be omelette, peanut butter or lean meat – find the right product for you.

Eat cold food. Try to eat cold food or food at room temperature, because, as a rule, heated food has a stronger smell, and this can cause nausea. Eat sandwiches, fruits and raw vegetables, salads (make sure they are cooked properly to prevent listeriosis).
Brush your teeth. Brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash after eating. This will help remove the smell and taste of food from your mouth. Train your partner to brush your teeth too. Nothing provokes vomiting like the smell of pepperoni pizza when kissing.

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A. How to adapt to morning sickness

Learn to avoid things that make you nauseous. It’s not just the smell of certain foods. You need to keep an eye on what makes you nauseous at all. According to, “a hot or stuffy room, a strong perfume smell, a ride in a car or even certain visual stimuli such as shimmering light, can cause a feeling of nausea.”[1] Every time you feel nausea, try to understand what caused it, then you will be able to try to avoid what causes a nausea attack.

Move slowly. Rapid movements can shake your stomach and cause a new nausea attack, so try to move as slowly and carefully as possible. Take your time getting out of bed in the morning: gobble up cookies while lying still, sit down slowly and sit down for a few minutes before you get up. Take your time during the day, don’t overdo it.

Set the alarm clock half an hour earlier than usual to give you plenty of time in the morning.
Try putting a small chair in the bathroom in case you get dizzy.

Have a little more rest. Sometimes the easiest and easiest solution is to just drop everything and let the body rest for a while. Try to lie down, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and just relax. Many women note that sleeping is a great way to get rid of nausea and maybe that’s exactly what your body needs!

If you already have children, hire a helper for even an hour or two so that you can catch up on your dreams.
Can’t sleep during the day? Try wearing a sleeping mask or sunglasses to block out bright lights.

Set up your computer. You may think that surfing the Internet for a while will help you distract yourself from the feeling of nausea, but a bright computer screen and strobe effect can increase nausea. To prevent this from happening, try adjusting your computer to reduce the load on your eyes.

Try changing the font size to bolder and bigger, and change the desktop background to pink or tan.
Take short breaks as often as possible, you can just stand up and walk or just close your eyes.

Get some fresh air. Leave the shower room and go out into the fresh air to breathe and stretch. Deeply breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. It’s best to breathe clean country or sea air, but the garden or nearby park is also perfect.

If you can’t go outside, try opening a window so that the stolen air gives way to fresh air.

Take your mind off it. Nausea is hard to ignore, but it is worth trying to find something to distract you for a while. Read a magazine, call your girlfriend or take a walk. Light physical exercise, such as yoga or swimming in a pool, can help relieve nausea, but before that, talk to your doctor. It is also very important to listen to your body: if you feel tired or sicker, stop right away.

See a doctor. If you can’t get rid of the nausea, see a doctor. Ask about nausea medications that can help relieve nausea or relieve its symptoms. A small percentage of women may develop a condition known as pregnancy hyperemesis, which is an extreme manifestation of morning sickness and causes extreme dehydration and weight loss. If you think this may be your case, contact your doctor immediately.

Some nausea medications may not be covered by your insurance and can be expensive, so think about the possible costs before you get your prescription.

B. Home remedies

  1. Use lemons. Lemons have a natural calming effect that can help relieve nausea and cheer you up. Try sucking in a slice of lemon, squeezing some lemon juice into cold, hot water and drinking, or just smelling the lemon you just cut. It can also help to keep lemon candy close to you at all times
  2. To surround yourself with a fresh lemon aroma, you can try to find candles or essential oils with lemon aroma.
  3. Other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange and mandarin can also help.
  4. Try ginger. Ginger has been used for centuries as a remedy for nausea. Try ginger beer (made of real ginger) or make ginger tea by adding a thin slice of fresh ginger to the hot water. If this doesn’t help, eat some ginger biscuits or ginger gingerbread or bring some ginger candy with you.
  5. Try the mint. Peppermint relieves nausea and reduces vomiting reflex. Make mint tea by adding a few fresh mint leaves to the boiling water and let it stand for a few minutes. You can also try peppermint sucking candies.
  6. Make raspberry tea. Make tea out of red raspberry leaves. This herb helps to solve problems that arise during pregnancy, including morning sickness, and it has been proven that this plant helps to relax the uterine muscles. Add 1-2 teaspoons of dried grass to a glass of hot water and drink. However, you should consult your doctor before using the product, as some studies have shown that raspberry leaves can cause uterine contractions.
  7. Use lavender and thyme. A small bag full of dried herbs will help you to fight against unpleasant smells. Lavender and thyme are best suited, as they have soothing therapeutic scents. Put a bag up your nose and take a deep breath when you get sick of smells.
  8. Take vitamin B6. Some doctors recommend taking this vitamin as a supplement to combat nausea (the usual dose is 10-25 mg three times a day). Before you start taking vitamin B6, consult your doctor and do not exceed the daily dose of 75 mg.
  9. Use the apple vinegar. Add a teaspoon of apple vinegar to the hot water and drink it. This is a well-known remedy for fighting morning sickness. If you like, you can add a spoon of honey to make it sweet.
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C. Alternative methods

  1. Meditate. Stress can exacerbate the symptoms of morning sickness. Daily meditation can help you relax and relieve anxiety. Take the time to yourself, find a quiet place to sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  2. Quiet, calm music or the sound of running water can help create a soothing and calming atmosphere.
  3. Pilates and yoga can also help you relax and distract yourself from the things that worry you, while also allowing you to do light exercise.
  4. Wear point massage bracelets. Point massage bracelets are believed to help relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting and are often used by people suffering from sea sickness. The principle of their work is to influence the point located on the inside of the wrist. Some women claim that spot massage bracelets have helped them to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, but there is no medical evidence to that effect. Acupressure bracelets are relatively inexpensive and can be bought at most pharmacies
  5. Try aromatherapy. Experiment with the soothing aromas of essential oils to get rid of the nausea caused by odours. Some women note the soothing smell of lemon, mint or orange. Simply add one or two drops of the essential oil of your choice to the sprayer, or you can add a drop of oil to the fabric and smell it every time you feel nauseous.
  6. Usually it is enough to use one or two drops, as the essential oils are very concentrated.
  7. Try acupuncture. Studies have shown that acupuncture can help relieve the morning sickness. Just make sure that the acupuncture specialist you choose has experience in treating nausea in pregnant women.
  8. Try the acoustic stimulation. The acupuncture device stimulates the acupuncture point on the inside of the wrist with a light electric charge. Although this method is not so common, some studies suggest that it can help relieve morning sickness. Acoustic devices are absolutely safe to use, but can be expensive.
  9. Try hypnosis. Studies have shown that hypnosis can help relieve the symptoms of nausea in chemotherapy, so it is possible that if nothing else helps, it is worth a try.

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