Seven Secrets! How To Be Beautiful Without Make Up

Beauty is not just about makeup. You can be just as beautiful without using cosmetics. You only need to look after yourself from the outside and from the inside.

Recently, many celebrities appear in public without cosmetics, and this does not hinder their beauty. Do you also want to know how to be beautiful without makeup?

Many of us believe that to look good, you need to apply tons of makeup every day, but that’s not the problem.

In our article today we will give you some tips on how to emphasize your natural beauty.

How to be beautiful without makeup?

Makeup changes our faces quite a lot. However, we must admit that we can look beautiful even if we don’t use mascara, lipstick or blush.

A woman looks much prettier when she shows her strength without artificial disguises. To look beautiful and beautiful without makeup, follow these tips.

1. Clean your face completely

Clean face looks young, shiny … and beautiful! You can use special cosmetic products from stores or pharmacies to clean your skin. The only thing you should always pay attention to is the composition of the product.
They often contain very strong substances that help remove dead skin cells, but can also cause reddish and dry skin.

Wash your face twice a day. This is to make your skin look more radiant, without luster or rash.

If you are used to cleaning your face only when washing or want to remove facial makeup, you should start in the morning when you wake up and before going to bed.

Soon you will see that your skin looks better.

2. Exfoliate and remove

3. Skin toner is a product that should not be ignored in your daily beauty ritual.


This helps restore the face’s natural pH balance, removes excess fat and narrows the pores.

Remember that before you buy a product for treatment, you should always consider your skin type.

4. Use natural products

Makeup products are not only expensive, but can also irritate the skin and contribute to the appearance of age spots.

For example, removing mascara will require a lot of effort to eliminate it. This can damage these brittle hair that protects our eyes.

A good substitute for mascara can be ordinary Vaseline. A very small amount will help give the shape and volume of the eyelashes you like.


5. Another secret for natural makeup is coconut oil.

Can be used as a lip balm that moisturizes and protects against UV light. This is ideal for those who are exposed to dry or flaky lips.


6. Forget colored lipstick, just a little oil, and voila!

Your lips look sensual and shiny, and you also give them great attention.
Use sunscreen

Even if you think that tanning is a way to look good without make up, in fact sunburned and sun-dried skin looks unattractive.

Even on cloudy days, when the sky is cloudy, our skin still needs protection. If not, you put yourself at risk for premature aging, skin disease and, in rare cases, skin cancer.

If you have light skin, use sun protection with a factor of at least 30 SPF. Choose a cream that also moisturizes the skin: so you don’t have to use two different products.
Try not to touch your face with your hands

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Strangely, this is the most common mistake. We touch our faces when we are nervous, when we are bored or hot.

These bad habits stimulate sebum production and contribute to bacterial accumulation. All of this leads to the appearance of unhealthy skin.

Avoid rubbing the skin too, because this will cause loss of firmness and premature wrinkles.
Your skin needs full sleep and a healthy diet
If you want your face to be flawless, it’s not enough to do skin procedures from time to time. You must have the right habits and lead to a healthy life.One of them sleeps. When you sleep well enough, it looks. Soothing skin, dark circles under your eyes disappear, and your face stays smooth and radiant for longer.

Experts recommend sleeping for 8 hours every night.

We often need at least 2 liters of water every day, but this is not enough. You also have to eat well and add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Even in winter, juice or fruit cocktails for breakfast will naturally make your skin young and beautiful.

7.  Make sure your eyebrows are right.

Perfect eyebrows frame the face and give a neat appearance. In this case, you don’t need lipstick or blusher. Eyebrows will emphasize the eyes and allow you to be beautiful without makeup.

You can contact a beauty salon. If you don’t want to get rid of hair, you can brush it and fix it with a special gel.

A few more tips for being beautiful without make up

  • Wash your hair every day so it doesn’t look greasy.
  • Wrap your eyelashes with a special tool.
  • Use special drops to avoid red eyes.
  • Keep your mouth clean.

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