How To Treat Skin Diseases?

1. How to treat skin diseases?

Give advice: how to treat skin diseases. In our family, several people suffer from them at once. What is the matter here?

Tibetan medicine does not fundamentally understand the differences between skin diseases, considering their common origin.

These are external manifestations of slagging and malfunctioning of internal organs – liver, spleen, pancreas (Yin organs) or stomach, small and large intestine (Yang organs).

Therefore, the treatment should begin with cleaning the internal organs, observing the principle of separate nutrition and creating a gentle mode of digestion of food.

If the internal organs are not able to digest food, the body self-refining occurs.

Pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, and colitis are exacerbated by this, and the skin only signals an acute situation as an indicator.

Of course, the appointment of a dermatologist should be strictly observed. But remember: the dermatologist helps you to remove the acute phase of the disease, not eliminates the cause.

Only a comprehensive treatment of the whole body in the external manifestation of the disease on the skin will lead to success.


2. How to treat what?


The itchiness of the skin bothers me day and night. And at night, when the brain is resting, and the vegetative nervous system continues to work, itching is especially intolerable. Even if the patient manages to fall asleep, he automatically combed the inflamed places. The most affected neck, elbow folds and knee holes. Combing often results in secondary infections and festering.

What to do?

1. I recommend fuming inflamed areas with wormwood cigars, common in Eastern medicine.

A lit cigar should be taken over the irritation zone for 5-10 minutes at a distance of 1.5-2 cm. A slight burning should be felt.

Redness of the skin at the same time increases. Before fumigating the skin around each affected area, it is good to make a massage – pressing with your fingers. It should be sensitive and even a little painful.

At least 2-3 minutes of massage will make further fumigation with wormwood cigar more effective.

In addition to the foci of skin inflammation, cauterization with wormwood cigar should be done near the seventh cervical vertebrae – a place of concentration of nerve knots that regulate the activity of the heart, nervous system and many organs.

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2. In addition to cauterization, neurodermatitis, as well as photodermatosis, is well cured with the help of interior bear fat.

They are used to lubricate affected skin areas before going to bed. Bear fat is also used to remove wartlets (regularly lubricating them).

3. a cabbage leaf should also be applied to the affected skin and left overnight by wrapping it around.

4. The skin itching is successfully removed by applying raw grated potatoes – for 10-30 minutes daily or after a day, depending on how you feel.

5. Skin diseases are more successfully cured against the background of creation of sauerkraut inside the body, for which you should drink sauerkraut brine: 30-50 grams once or three times a day for 20-30 minutes before a meal or an hour after a meal.


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It’s important.

Skin diseases require long enough, painstaking treatment, no less than two or three weeks. Children usually improve more quickly, and adults do it a little bit slower.

1.Bubble fungus of the feet

I can recommend a proven product: a mixture of garlic juice and vodka in equal shares. It is insisted on for 1-2 days, and then rubbed into the affected areas of the skin or make applications wetted with gauze or cotton swab (apply and wrap) for one hour.

2. Exema



They, like neurodermatitis, is successfully treated by taking potion from the next mixture of herbs:

Nettle leaves – 10 g, oregano – 10 g, succession – 15 g, violet flowers – 10 g, chamomile flowers – 10 g, thyme creeping – 10 g, horsetail field – 10 g, valerian root – 15 g, licorice – 10 g.

This mixture is washed down with one glass of boiling water and boiled in a water bath for 15 minutes. After sieving the decoction they drink 1/3 (children) or 1/2 tbsp 3 times a day.

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3. Eelly

Acne is a consequence of pancreatitis or biliary dyskinesia. It is desirable to treat the eel with camphor alcohol, diluting 2 parts of it in 1 part of the water.

4. Allergic dermatitis

Allergic atopic dermatitis in children is associated primarily with improper feeding of the baby, when after breast milk and milk mixtures are converted to solid food.

After all, mothers usually give their babies mashed potatoes with minced meat.

And just this mixture, containing proteins and carbohydrates, provokes atopic dermatitis, by the way, not only unpleasant in itself, but also fraught with the development of diabetes mellitus.

3.What’s to be done?

  • We need to immediately switch to a separate diet: at least not to eat together proteins (meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, legumes, seeds, nuts) and carbohydrates (bread, cereals, pasta, potatoes, sugar, jam, honey, compote).  All this is better to eat with a two-hour pause.
  • Patient with atopic dermatitis is shown to drink oat decoction (2 – 3 tbsp. oats boil in a glass of water for 15 – 20 minutes, a little topping up as the water boils over, so that there is about a glass; drink half a glass 2-3 times a day about a month).
  • Also useful is a light decoction of lemon (1 tsp. per day) or apple vinegar (the same dosage).

It is important for all skin diseases:

  • Maintain a diet. Since all skin diseases are Yin (“cold”), the proportion of Yang energy “warming” foods should be increased. Of meat, it is veal, horsemeat, lamb instead of yin pork. It is very important to get bitterness: mustard and horseradish instead of irritating spicy foods. Useful sour and bitter-sour sauces, which should be replaced by harmful ketchups and mayonnaise.
  • Do not allow constipation. The enema as the most popular remedy is not suitable – in Tibetan medicine it is not welcomed at all. There will be no constipation if you learn to drink in the morning and after each meal a glass of hot water (I will specially note: not tea and coffee, but pure boiled water).

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