Give Up Diapers: How Do You Know Your Baby Is Ready?


When can I stop diapers? This question concerns all parents. And the age of the child here is not a determining factor. This is the question of whether the child is ready to control his own urination.

The stage where a child is ready to release a diaper is one of the most important stages in his development. This is the first step towards independence. But how do you know that this long-awaited moment has arrived? You will be asked by the child itself, or rather the reaction.

Usually, even though you think this is excessive, children learn to control going to the toilet much earlier than they expected. Some may take a little longer, while others may learn new skills in a few weeks or even days.

We will never get bored saying that every child is unique and develops at his own pace. Be calm and don’t force it, because sooner or later everyone has to give up on diapers, the main thing is to be patient.

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1. How to understand that your child is ready to stop diapers?


There are times when your baby’s behavior seems strange. For example, some children hide to go to the toilet. Others will last more than 3 hours. All of this shows that your child is ready to stop diapers.

On the other hand, it happens that children are afraid of change and want to do their “business” only with diapers. This shows that the child is not ready. Don’t force him to do it, let alone scold him. The wisest thing to do in a situation like this is to delay diaper rejection to a more appropriate time.

2. How old is the best?

If you try to wean children from diapers at ages 1.5 to 2 years, the results tend to be less rapid than older children. However, you can try it.

At this age diapers start to interfere. This irritates children and causes irritation. In theory, it’s good to use this to start learning. Try removing the diaper and see what happens. Even if things don’t go smoothly, remember that patience and a positive attitude are the keys to success.

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Usually, children aged 2-3 years are quite capable of controlling their natural impulses. At least they can warn you beforehand that they need to use the toilet.

3. What should I do if my child refuses to remove the diaper?

Many parents wonder why their children are so afraid to give up. Previously, they did not even think about what they were wearing, but now they are required to give up on this item, which is familiar from the first minute of life.

The problem is … like modern diapers! The fact is that they are so soft and absorbent that children hardly see the effect of urinating. So when you decide to let go, they are afraid because they do not know what is happening.

Another problem is that children may not like sitting on the toilet. He was afraid of heights, fell into it, etc. Therefore, it is important to buy stand and stand adapters.

4. Give up diapers: where do I start?


First, children who are really ready to stop diapers must be able to follow instructions. Start slowly. Try to practice with your child first to get rid of diapers. To do this, it’s better to buy it in the form of underwear. Then move on to the more difficult stage – remove the diaper and sit on the toilet.

One way to get your child interested is to give him the opportunity to make his own decisions about this problem: underwear or toilet in the toilet, bowl or toilet pan. This will make him feel much more comfortable.

When you decide this, you can continue and choose colors and models: red, blue, or maybe with your favorite cartoon characters? After all, in any training, the main thing that arouses interest!

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5. Are you ready to “crash”?

It’s normal that sometimes children don’t have time to run to pots. There may be many reasons: he is not quite ready, plays and does not have time to be nervous, frozen …

What’s important here is how you react to it. Remember that no child has mastered this art for the first time.

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Try not to scold him for a small “accident”. Maintain a positive attitude, because your child will go through a difficult stage and need your support as before.

As for strategies, there are two of them. Some parents quickly remove diapers during the day and at night, while others still let them fall asleep temporarily. The latter is more practical, because you don’t need to change the sheets too often. On the other hand, the process.


Yes, there is a slight difference in this matter. For example, on average, girls develop faster in the first years of their lives.

In other words, they can be trained early.

However, in boys, new habits become stronger and the reaction is not too acute.

Although, of course, this is average data, and each child has his own way of doing it.

What is the difference?

As we wrote above, girls can start going to their own toilets beforehand.

They also start talking early, ie they can warn their parents beforehand about their desire to go to the toilet. This is their advantage.

At the same time, it is much easier for boys to go to public toilets, for example when walking.

For girls, because of physiological peculiarities, this is adventure. Because of this, many parents prefer to leave diapers as long as possible.

In addition, girls learn independently more quickly, boys feel a little more difficult.

It doesn’t matter if you have a daughter or a boy, if you decide to give up, you have to be patient!

This is a big step forward not only for babies, but also for the whole family. So love and understanding are only needed.

After all, they are children, and they study. And we as parents learn with them.

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