Acute toothache – what will help you get rid of it quickly?

Today we will talk about one of the types of oral pain syndrome – an acute toothache.

We will also discuss how to deal with it quickly and effectively, what causes it, what causes it, what the main symptoms are, what medications will help to stop it and other important aspects that reveal the essence and peculiarities of the problem.

Many people are interested in the question – what to do if acute toothache prevents them from doing their daily chores and distracts them from the workplace? The first thing you need to do is to take medication to ease it quickly or to remove it completely.

This is the first immediate measure, but then it is necessary to visit the dentist, who will be able to diagnose, identify the causes of pain syndrome and prescribe therapeutic procedures that can effectively eliminate the problem. But,

A. What will help to quickly relieve the toothache?

If the acute toothache suddenly appeared and caught you off guard? Painkillers, which are found in almost every home medicine cabinet, can help you: Analgin, Amidopirin or Aspirin. Grind these pills and apply them to the patient’s tooth with a cotton swab.

You can buy them at the pharmacy: Nurofen, Aktasulid, No-Spu, Papaverin, Drotaverin, Grippostad, Dexalgin, Baralgin, Ibufen, Ibuklin, Ketarol, Tempalgin and other pain relievers and other inflammatory drugs.

Radical measures to combat this problem include the use of narcotic painkillers (you can buy them only by prescription). These include the use of narcotic painkillers (you can only buy them with a prescription): Medol, Fentanyl, Omnopon and Morphine.

B. Traditional medicine methods to fight toothache

  1. In ancient times, when there were no dental offices and clinics, people have been thinking of ways to get rid of oral ailments by trial and error for thousands of years.
  2. Acute toothache was relieved with the help of decoctions, tinctures,and compresses.
  3. Modern medicine is often skeptical about the use of these therapeutic procedures, but we will list those that have been proven over time and have positive feedback from ordinary people who used them. They are unlikely to be able to relieve the cause of pain, but they are able to relieve suffering and reduce discomfort. Here are some of them:
  4. Treat the area of the gums and teeth with clove oil. It can also alleviate or “temporarily freeze” the development of purulent inflammation. In the absence of oil, you can chew clove flowers.
  5. Pumpkin tails were used for baths and rinses in the area of the affected tooth. They need to be dried, then pour boiling water and insist on one hour.
  6. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of many herbs, trees, and inflorescences (St. John’s wort, sage, oregano, oak bark, air, calendula, chamomile, etc.) have long been known in folk medicine. If the acute toothache caught you suddenly. it will not be superfluous to use these natural painkillers.
  7. It helps to remove toothache propolis (bee glue), a piece of which should be placed in the patient’s tooth cavity. Biologically active substances of bee glue, work as an analgesic and can have an antimicrobial effect.
  8. A few centuries ago, our ancestors applied plantain root (pre-washed and cleaned) to the aching tooth. It is suitable as an alternative in case of acute toothache in nature.
  9. In the past, finely ground garlic, onions and salt were applied to the affected part of the toothache. Their active ingredients were thought to interact well with each other and to provide relief during painful attacks.
  10. Many sources say that camphor alcohol has analgesic properties. To achieve the desired effect, we wet the wool with camphor alcohol and carefully apply it to the affected area for a few minutes. This folk remedy effectively helps to overcome the symptoms of caries.
  11. 1 tablespoon, a finely ground field horsetail combined with a teaspoon of honey attached to the tooth, can also stop the harmful effects of dental caries.
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C. Results

When acute toothache appears suddenly, people are ready to take extreme measures to eliminate it.

It can be so disturbing that sometimes it forces us to act extremely quickly and often recklessly. All this can lead to disastrous consequences.

It is best to see an experienced dentist at once, who will be able to pinpoint the causes of pain and take the best possible measures to level them out. But in life there are often situations when the pain caught us at night, at weekends (when clinics are closed), in an inappropriate place, etc. For emergency disposal of it can be used as a folk method of fighting it, as well as proven effective anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs of varying strengths.

In our article the great attention is paid to preventive and therapeutic measures which will help to minimize painful displays at home and to avoid mistakes which people make in a hurry or on ignorance.

Pregnant women and children need to be careful with the use of certain powerful drugs to relieve toothache. Their dosage should be minimal or, best of all, they should not be used at all. Parents should consult with their dentist before giving their child pain medication.

Do not forget to visit the dentist twice a year for preventive purposes to maintain oral health. Early detection of pathological processes in the teeth, gums and soft tissues that surround them – will help quickly and effectively get rid of them in the future. Timely checkups are a guarantee of the health of your teeth!

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